About Us

After living in the remote Alaskan island community of Ketchikan for 23 years, we fell in love with southern Baja and the town of Loreto. We decided to “retire” here and start a new business. The people, history, food, culture, and natural surroundings are some of the best anywhere. It is our aim to share our love for Southern Baja and its people with our guests and aid them in their explorations here.

Dome Suite Domes is a new property. We built it from scratch over the course of 2 years with the considerable aid of some phenomenal local craftsmen and designers. The domes, known as monolithic domes, are constructed with an engineered mix of crushed recycled Styrofoam pellets and concrete which makes them incredibly strong, thermal, light weight and environmentally friendly. For more information on this type of construction, visit the monolithic dome institute (monolithic.org).