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About Loreto

Below are some websites that include information about Loreto, its history, and some of the various activities available.

Activities & Things To Do


Sport Fishing

Fishing is a very big deal here. Before there were roads, people flew to Baja from the United States and other parts of Mexico just for the fishing. There are too many options to list here, but go to for a comprehensive listing of fishing guides and other activities.



There are a number of tour operators offering a variety of activities that explore Loreto’s culture and natural history. Visit. for a comprehensive listing.

Vive Loreto Tours

Native Davis Tours
Facebook@nativedavis tours

Tours Loreto BCS

ABT-Sailing Tours

Restaurant Canipole – Cooking Classes

Saddling South – Horseback Riding

Rancho Quest – Horseback Riding, ATV tours, Cheesemaking

Wild Loreto



For divers, Loreto is a world class destination. Jacques Cousteau referred to it as “The world's aquarium”. Two companies offer a complete range of services including dive classes, snorkeling, freediving, and island explorations.

Blue Nation Website:

Loreto Sea and Land Tours Website:



The large number of excellent places to eat in Loreto is disproportionate to its small population. Of course you’ll find many establishments serving local and regional cuisine such as excellent seafood plates and molcajetes, chocolate clams (a Loreto icon) and machaca (a sun dried beef often served in tacos and burritos). In addition, there are many restaurants serve great regional food from all over the country. As a rule of thumb eat everything, especially if you see a line forming. Note that there are also many “pop up” food stands that serve excellent homemade food as well. For a complete listing, visit or